Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UT Lead Experience

Being a UT Lead student has been pretty fun and definitely and eye opener for college to come! It is now week four and I have learned so many things and am still adjusting to all the changes. So far I have learned about time managing skills- getting a planner and writing my life in it, use my teachers office hours as much as possible, take time to study in between classes while the information is fresh on my brain, DON'T try and do all of my studying at night, I will learn more studying in less time in the day light and learn less studying more when it is dark outside. All of these things will be useful to me in the fall and for the rest of my college experience at UT. Some of the things I listed were already a habit for me in high school, like carrying a planner. I have also been told to BE INVOLVED! There are over 300 groups and clubs to be involved in and if you can't find one that best suits you, get enough people and you can't create your own. Safety has also been a highlight of things I have learned. There are blue lights all throughout the campus, which are easier to spot out at night. These lights are there to assist us students if we ever feel uncomfortable, not safe, in danger, or its just really late and we need a ride home. I think these light are very important! I have also been informed about the judicial affairs office and how it works. Pretty much, if a student ever breaks the policies as a UT student, they will be reported to the judicial affairs office. The most common behaviors are use of alcohol, drugs, and breaking the honor code (plagiarism). As long as I stick to the morals I have been brought up in by my parents at home, I will never have to visit this office. I have learaned MANY more things in the four weeks I've been here, but I could type all day long. Summer school has been a challenge, but an adjustment!

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  1. Your blogs have been really interesting, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your posts! I can tell that you have been taking everything in and really paying attention to the suggestions and advice that you have been offered in the program. I know that you have been pumped with a lot of information over the last few weeks, but I promise it will all be valuable as you matriculate through college. Don't hesitate to call on me if you ever need any advice, someone to talk to, or just to listen to you vent about the stresses of college!