Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UT Lead Experience

Being a UT Lead student has been pretty fun and definitely and eye opener for college to come! It is now week four and I have learned so many things and am still adjusting to all the changes. So far I have learned about time managing skills- getting a planner and writing my life in it, use my teachers office hours as much as possible, take time to study in between classes while the information is fresh on my brain, DON'T try and do all of my studying at night, I will learn more studying in less time in the day light and learn less studying more when it is dark outside. All of these things will be useful to me in the fall and for the rest of my college experience at UT. Some of the things I listed were already a habit for me in high school, like carrying a planner. I have also been told to BE INVOLVED! There are over 300 groups and clubs to be involved in and if you can't find one that best suits you, get enough people and you can't create your own. Safety has also been a highlight of things I have learned. There are blue lights all throughout the campus, which are easier to spot out at night. These lights are there to assist us students if we ever feel uncomfortable, not safe, in danger, or its just really late and we need a ride home. I think these light are very important! I have also been informed about the judicial affairs office and how it works. Pretty much, if a student ever breaks the policies as a UT student, they will be reported to the judicial affairs office. The most common behaviors are use of alcohol, drugs, and breaking the honor code (plagiarism). As long as I stick to the morals I have been brought up in by my parents at home, I will never have to visit this office. I have learaned MANY more things in the four weeks I've been here, but I could type all day long. Summer school has been a challenge, but an adjustment!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Career Services!

The representative that spoke with us from career services was very informal and gave me a lot of ideas I never thought about.She is there to help us choose a major and decipher through all of our interest and try to incorporate those to come up with a final decision. She spoke to us about our likes and dislikes as far as majors go. However, that isn't the only step to choosing a major. Next, we needed to think about what our strengths and weaknesses are- those characteristics play a huge role in how we perform our job and our attitude towards our job. With the interest inventory, the results gave me new major ideas and made me want to reconsider my decision to be an athletic trainer. Something that I didn't really like was that, I felt like I had my major in stone and was decided and these meetings kind of made me take a step back. After hearing from the representative for two days, I decided to make an appointment to speak with her personally. I go to today at 2:00 and I am confident that she will lead me the right direction and help me out!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Stands Out About College???

When you think about college what stands out??

When thinking about college so many thoughts run through my head.Even though this past week I have experienced school at the University of Tennessee,there is plenty to come!I am so enthused to meet new people and make life long friends!I'm sure that the first day I arrive on campus in the fall there will be so many good people to be involved with. I am also so excited for football season! Football happens to be my favorite sport and I will attend every game! With my major being exercise science, I want to become an Athletic Trainer, so then I might even be able to get some hands-on experience in Neyland Stadium!School spirit and pride is very important to me! Coming from a school with no spirit, I am thrilled to be apart of the spirit at UT, not only through football season but every day!I am very excited about being in many different organizations! I believe being involved is putting your foot in the door for success! I only know of a few organizations, but I know that I want to be apart of ME4UT, the athletic recruit team, and maybe SGA. I would love to be apart of ME4UT because I love to reach out to others and in this case I would be reaching out to incoming freshmen and making sure that UT gets an awesome representation and that there future home will be UT!I want to be apart of the athletic recruit team just because sports are a big part of my life and I think it would be awesome to interact with athletes!There are so many opportunities, challenges, and lessons that come with the college experience and I am so ready to take that jump!